And we are Legends everyday

The Legends is a story about YOU. A story in which everyone of you is a Hero. And Legend’s do not compromise on quality. For your everyday legendary work, we bring to you “The Legends” – A European Shoe Boutique where fashion meets comfort with right fit.

The Legends shoes are born out of 25 years of manufacturing expertise. We are boutique shoe manufacturers where our focus is on Fashion shoes for men. Our shoes are hand crafted by using only premium materials and by circumventing the middlemen; we aim to bring our products to the market at a highly competitive value proposition.

We want to make shoes that are visually appealing as well it should fits well. Comfort is our uttermost priority. And to make your experience more comfortable we made a “shoe Measuring app” that enables you to choose the right size every time.

Our Collection

Fashion shoes for Legendary Men

Discover the elegance and style from our handmade collection of premium men dress shoes including slippers, oxfords, derbies & boots! Whether you are looking for a formal shoes, a more contemporary shoe design or a sophisticated men’s boot. We offer the just the right pair and a right fit. Our shoes are a combination of Fashion & Comfort.

Try them out – It’s “Legendary”

Our Concept

Where fashion meets Quality and Comfort – The Legends.

Where Fashion meets Quality & Comfort – The Legends

Shoes are an essential piece of men’s wardrobe. You know that true style isn’t a game of who can drop the most cash on the trendiest stuff the quickest. It’s about finding the timeless pieces and wearing them with panache. That’s why we’ve compiled a brand that give your “Legendry” dress shoe for your everyday Legendary work.

To make your journey Legendary we made a shoe measuring app which enables you to choose the right size for your shoe choice. For us, the most important thing is the comfort and the right fit. With extensive knowledge and experience in shoes, we setup algorithms and divided our collection in 4 feet shapes. Based upon these shapes our team has developed a mobile application that will scan your feet and suggest you the right size.

Check Your Size

Shoes speak Louder than words… Make sure you’re in the Right pair !

It is very important to choose the right size. Often people do mistakes by taking one size for all types of shoes. Well, one size fits all? Probably Not.
At Legends, we do care about your feet so we worked really hard to make an online shopping experience more virtual. At Legends, you will never ask these questions again “what size should I buy”? Or “how will this style really fit me”? Our unique mobile application solves all your concern. Just download the app from here and check your correct size and type and we will make shoes as per your feet. .



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